Why Schmitt?


"Not only has the transition from my dad managing his property himself to Schmitt & Co managing it on behalf of our family been seamless, Schmitt & Co has redefined certain site procedures and improved operations impressively in the process."Chris D. Private Mini Storage


  • WE HAVE 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE - We specialize in self storage management and have done so for over 35 years-both portfolio and third party contracts.

  • BOTH TRADITIONAL AND PROGRESSIVE - While small enough to have a hands-on management approach, we stay current regarding all industry developments, especially automating all phases of rental transactions and both web-based and social media marketing.

  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD - Our portfolio includes properties we have managed for over 35 years as well as ones we’ve refinanced and/or sold, all with impressive returns.

  • REVENUE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE - Our in-house program maximizes revenues using timely adjustments to rental rates based on conversion percentages. It is more accurate and responsive than other rate management software modules.

  • RISK MANAGEMENT - We understand that improving the bottom line comes not only from revenue increases but also from minimizing exposure to risk by:
    • Strict oversight of lien and auction processes
    • Effective and immediate resolution of customer problems
    • Employee training and supervision
    • Complying with ever-changing local, state and federal compliance matters
Do It Yourself, or... Management Company

Owners who have one to five self storage properties often say:

  • We’re smart business people

  • We aren’t big enough for professional management

  • We make more money without professional management since we avoid paying a management fee
A few reasons why you might want to re-think the do-it-yourself approach:
  •  Our experience and expertise is self storage – no distractions

  • We see industry changes you may not since we manage sites in many locations. We minimize owner’s risk by staying informed

  • We have economies of scale and can implement change across many locations, including yours, more cost effectively