Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need professional management?

Professional management includes 1) comprehensive marketing programs to improve revenue, 2) well trained site staff to handle inquiries, rentals, maintenance, and collections and 3) headquarters personnel to supervise operations and stay informed of industry changes. A professional focus on revenue and expense and an ability to avoid costly liability situations results in more profit and more independence for an owner.

What is your territory?

We have historically managed properties primarily in Northern California.

However, we do currently manage properties in other areas as well. The internet has given us the flexibility to use web-based programs for advertising and property management and we now look at managing properties in other areas.

Can you help me ‘modernize’ my operation?

We specialize in reviewing your office and site operations and automating or streamlining these functions for you. We can help you install new (or migrate from outdated to) state of the art property management software, we can put training, benefits or incentive programs in place for your employees, we can help you develop a digital identity including website, logo, marketing programs, etc., and we can review your physical location for deferred and major maintenance items if any, to name just a few.

Can you take over managing my family-owned facility?

Many storage facilities which have been independently owned and operated by their original owners are now facing a change in stewardship as the parents realize they no longer want to manage a facility’s daily operations. Our professional management will both preserve the facility’s cash flow for the inheriting generation and educate them about the self storage industry if this is of interest to them.

What about marketing?

The speed at which marketing is changing is by no means unique to the self storage industry. But the simplistic decision to place an ad annually in the Yellow Pages is also no longer relevant. We develop and maintain websites, including search engine optimization, and we understand how to use social media effectively, but we also provide print advertising, facility signage, direct mail, local advertising and pricing or seasonal promotions to create more identity for a storage facility.

How do you keep your rental rates competitive?

Our experience has shown us that we should be able to convert a predictable percentage of our inquiries. This percentage relies on the assumption that most people inquiring about storage are doing so out of need, not curiosity, which means the conversion rate will be high. We analyze rates every week for each unit size in each market. This real-time monitoring of rental rates optimizes our competitiveness and your rental income.