The Challenge

We want the facilities we manage to have the best digital presence possible. It’s not only important that potential customers be able to find our sites on the Internet, we also want them to be able to reserve a unit immediately after reviewing our rates and fill in their rental paperwork at their convenience, not ours. These options should be available from a computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

The Solution

Schmitt & Co can set up our clients with turnkey web/ecommerce solutions. We monitor our search engine optimization actively. We keep our sites current with rate changes, special offers and other site-specific information. We work with various social media tools to be sure potential customers have many ways to hear about us.

The Result

Our tenants are confident knowing that they can access, evaluate and act on our secure site as their schedules dictate. Our owners are pleased because we provide the digital marketing expertise to capture a demographic who wants to access our information conveniently, accurately and securely.