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"Schmitt & Co are thorough professionals to whom our business is important."Mike C. Ross Valley Self Storage/Boulder Bins

Working with Storage Companies from Boulder to San Jose

We attract and retain clients by providing information and services that reflect our long-standing knowledge of the self storage industry. Although Schmitt & Co began managing properties held in its own portfolio, we have also been very successful in providing management services to third party owners of all kinds. We recognize that not all owners have the same level of interest or experience with the industry; we encourage you to help us define the level of interaction that best works for you.

We manage properties on behalf of original owners who no longer want to be daily operators, children who have inherited a self storage facility made successful by their parents, investment partnerships in which no one person wants to handle daily management, financial trustee situations, etc.

Our clients most appreciate our ability to keep daily operations efficient and profitable, and we keep them informed through regular financial and operational reporting. But we are willing to evaluate the unique challenges associated with underperforming or aging facilities and give you a proposal of how we can best help.